Zaščitne ročke NUKEPROOF AVS Sam Hill

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46.60 65.57

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Zaščitne ročke NUKEPROOF AVS Sam Hill

“Nukeproof AVS Racing Hand Guards are designed to protect levers and hands from branches and other disruptive elements on the trail. The handguards are the brainchild of Arnaud Vincent who is a World Champion motorcycle racer and keen mountain biker. In 2014 he suffered a crash due to tree branch hitting his brake lever which made him wonder why handguards as not used on MTB’s like they are on motorbikes. These hand guards are an excellent way of protecting yourself, especially if you ride where there are tight trees or loose branches sticking over the trail.

Sam Hill has been using handguards at home and also at EWS races. These signature handguards have been designed with Sam Hill to form part of his signature range.”




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