Plašč CONTINENTAL GP 4-Season 700x25C

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Šifra: 0100175

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Plašč CONTINENTAL GP 4-Season 700x25C

“Thanks to its DuraSkin™ anti-tear fabric, the Grand Prix 4-Season holds up under extreme conditions. In the Paris –Roubaix race, the “Hell of the North”, cyclists equipped with DuraSkin™ enhanced tyres have the fewest tyre related problems during the race.
Very high mileage with excellent grip on wet roads and at low temperatures it stands out. With the variants 23mm, 25mm and 28mm can be the Grand Prix 4-Season tire for various road qualities and comfort requirements to vote.”


  • 3 slojni Vectran Breaker/Duraskin(330 TPI)
  • zložljiv
  • indikatorji porabe
  • za clincher obročnike
  • dimenzija: 700x25C
  • najvišji pritisk: 8 BAR
  • teža: 205g



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