Set tubeless ventilov NUKEPROOF Rainbow Oilslick


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Set tubeless ventilov NUKEPROOF Rainbow Oilslick

“These tubeless valves are universal and have also been designed to work with tubeless tyre inserts. These durably-made valves are ideal for efficient inflation. The adapted head allows the tyre insert to sit on top of the valve, with the shape of the head allowing for easy inflation and deflation. Each valve has a removable core allowing you to get maximum air flow from your tubeless pump or CO2 cartridge.

The custom cap has been specially designed and has an integrated core remover for removing and tightening the core without any additional tools. The nut has also been designed so that you can get a good grip on the flat edges to firmly tighten the valve on the rim.

An O-ring is included and sits against the outside of the rim to prevent damage to the rim.”

Barvni set tubeless ventilov je odličen dodatek za personalizacijo vašega kolesa. Kvalitetna izdelava, izdelano iz aluminija, kot dodano vrednost pa imata obe kapici integriran odstranjevalec jedra ventila.

  • material ventilov in kapic: 6061 AL
  • zaključni kapici z integriranim odstranjevalcem jedra
  • dolžina: 45mm
  • barva: rainbow / oilslick
  • v setu: 2x ventil, 2x alu kapica, 2x o-ring
  • preveri še ostalo ponudbo Nukeproof





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